How Can I Grow My Leads With Western Marketing?

Lead generation is a vigorous process of finding potential customers. Lead is the engine of any business growth and pulls to engagement, which makes them essential for business growth. In the past, insurance agents were used to selling policies and servicing their customers face-to-face. Today, digital innovation in the industry makes it possible for customers to research, compare and even purchase an insurance policy online without directly contacting an agent.

Now, seasoned and new insurance agents rely on leads to grow their businesses. Luckily, Western Marketing is an insurance marketing organization (IMO) dedicated to helping insurance agents generate quality leads to keep them in front of new prospects. Today, we will discuss different ways we can help you grow your leads.

Double Down Lead Programs

Western Marketing offers up to $1000 per month in marketing dollars to their insurance agents. This program is designed to help our insurance agents increase their monthly lead budget. However, before you can qualify for this program, you must be contacted directly by Western Marketing. Also, the expenses must be for generating new Medicare business. However, some items such as meals, clothing, licensing fees, office expenses, telephone, and personal items are not eligible for reimbursement. 

Direct Mail Leads

Directly engaging with a prospect is a great way to generate new prospects. Insurance agents not currently using the top services to generate direct mail leads efficiently are missing out on great opportunities. Direct Western Marketing offers several turn-key, low-cost direct mail campaigns. As a Western Marketing agent, you can get leads for all product lines from our leading vendors, including ARM, MBI Direct Mail, Lead Concepts, MS Power Mail, Kramer Direct, Target Leads, and NAL.

Telemarketing Leads

Suppose you are looking to maximize your return on investment with low-cost, high-quality insurance leads. In that case, telemarketing leads are the best option for you. We offer a reliable and effective way for our insurance agents to get in front of their potential customers every week without breaking the bank.

Help On Demand

You can also take advantage of the Help On Demand program for insurance agents and brokers. This consumer assistance referral system helps connect people looking for help with marketplace-registered and state-licensed agents in their area who can provide immediate assistance with insurance plans and enrollments.

Contact Western Marketing today to discuss how our programs can help you generate more leads.