How Can Western Marketing Help You Excel As An Insurance Agent?

While there are several opportunities to be successful in the insurance industry, running a business can be quite challenging. The support offered by Western Marketing allows our insurance agents to prospect, market, and execute their plans. Whether you work in a major city or you are a rural-bound insurance agent, Western Marketing has the experience, knowledge, and resources to help you become successful. Here are some ways Western Marketing can help you excel as an insurance agent.

Same Commission With Carriers, Better Perks

We will give you the same commission you’d get when you enroll directly with an insurance company (which is even debatable). It is debatable because it is very difficult for insurance agents to actually be signed directly to the insurance company. There is almost always some kind of a middleman. So, since you will likely be making the same commission, why not sign on to Western Marketing, which will also offer you more support along the way with several other perks?

Training and Support

We don’t make money unless you are selling some policies. And due to that mutual interest, we will give you the training and support you wouldn’t get from an insurance company. We offer training video series for every level and sales presentations & scripts. We aim to help you gain knowledge and confidence to inspire you to sell the products.

Assistance with Leads

It can always be tough to find leads, not to mention how expensive it can be. At Western Marketing, we are excited to offer our insurance agents tools that help them get information about prospects in their area or any location. Our insurance agents can also buy direct mail leads at a discount from our lists of preferred lead vendors, including ARM, NAL, Lead Concepts, etc.

Filter Carriers and Products

Western Marketing also functions as your personal filter. We don’t partner with carriers or offer products that we don’t believe are good for our clients. Due to our dedication to screening insurance companies and their products, you won’t have to bother about ending up in a situation where your client feels like they have been ripped off.


Insurance companies are not exactly known for being friends with their agents. And if we are being honest, not all IMO care about being friendly with their agents, either. However, Western Marketing is relationship-driven. We care about our agents and how they are progressing. You may not be able to get that kind of atmosphere anywhere else.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how we can support and help you become the best vision of yourself.