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How Much Training Do I Need To Become A Successful Agent?

To be a successful insurance agent, you will want good training. It is required in most states and extremely helpful to get your license. And, when it comes time for you to enter the insurance field, you will be better for it. But how much training do you need to become a successful agent?

Basic Education

Every successful insurance agent has to start somewhere. Before you ever enter the field, you need to make sure you at least have a high school diploma or GED. This, of course, is not considered training, but important to note as the first step.

There is also a common misconception that you need a college diploma in order to be a successful insurance agent. You don’t. Some companies are quick to hire people with one, and it obviously won’t hurt you, if you don’t have one yet, chances are it’s not worth getting. Training to be a successful insurance agent can be found elsewhere.

State-Required Training

With your basic education covered, you can start looking for actual insurance agent training courses. But how much do you need to be successful? First, you need to know the basic requirements of your state.

Most states require a basic number of hours of required training to obtain a license. You need a license in order to sell insurance, so getting one of your own is a great place to start discussing how much training you need. 

State-required training hours vary by state and the type of insurance you want to sell. Most, however, require at least 20 hours*, including:

    • Arkansas

    • Kentucky

    • Maryland

    • Michigan

    • Minnesota

    • Nevada

    • New Jersey

    • Ohio

    • Oregon

    • Washington

    • West Virginia

    • Alabama

    • California

    • Colorado

    • Connecticut

    • Florida

    • Mississippi

    • New York

    • Pennsylvania

    • Tessesse

Some states, on the other hand, don’t require any pre-licensure training whatsoever, including:

    • Wyoming

    • Virginia

    • Vermont

    • Utah

    • South Dakota

    • South Carolina

    • Rhode Island

    • Oklahoma

    • North Dakota

    • New Mexico

    • New Hampshire

    • Montana

    • Missouri

    • Massachusetts

    • Maine

    • Kansas

    • Iowa

    • Idaho

    • Hawaii

    • D.C.

    • Delaware

    • Arizona

    • Alaska

*Any states not listed require less than 20 hours on at least one type of insurance.

For states with a required number of training hours, you have your answer—you need at least that much training to be an agent. To be a successful agent, you may want more. You are not limited to these hours—if you feel that you would benefit from additional training, it may be in your best interest to do so.

The License Exam

Look for programs with an emphasis on training that you can use in the field as an insurance agent, not just passing your exam. In order to become an official agent, you have to pass a licensing exam. Many training programs only drill this information without giving you the tools and resources necessary to enter the sales world. Find the right program to make the most out of your 20 hours of training.

If your state does not require any training, let us be the first to tell you that, even if you already have insurance sales experience, you are still going to need it. That way, you can pass the exam with confidence and start your career on the right, well-trained foot.

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