Selling Systems You Have Access to With Western Marketing!

A selling system typically defines a sales process for each segment and then addresses the best ways to accomplish each step in that process. It addresses the salesperson-customer connection and provides a “game plan” for success.

With regulations continuing to rise, it’s more important than ever to diversify your firm and find new cash streams. When you employ our marketing system, it’s a flawless transfer that’s also relatively straightforward to do. Continue reading to understand the selling systems and your access to them with Western Marketing.

Here at Western Marketing, our selling systems are highly sophisticated and refined. This enables us to be effective and productive in our sales efforts.

Here are some of the selling systems available at Western Marketing:

Medicare: Postseason game plan.

Step 1: Call us at 800-852-7152 to find out how you may make more money from your current Medicare clients.

Step 2: Secure a contract and put our plan into action.

Step 3: Begin promoting your business with the Legacy Safeguard turn-key marketing system.

  • We’ll show you how to deliver a value-added benefit to your clients at no expense to them.
  • You will be given pre-approach letters to send to your current clients to generate new sales opportunities.
  • We’ll provide you with appointment-setting call scripts and presentation scripts that use language that has been proven effective.
  • We will show you how to successfully get more referrals.

The Legacy Safeguard: Final Expense Selling System

You should look into the Legacy Safeguard Turn-Key Marketing and Sales System if you sell Final Expense. This technique will walk you through each step of the sales process and has been shown to boost sales, persistence, and face amounts. Your clients’ FREE Legacy Safeguard membership also includes end-of-life preparation, guidance, and help, allowing them to leave the lasting legacy they deserve. This incredible method benefits both agents and clients.

The following features are included in this system:

  • Complete Referral System
  • Marketing Guides in Detail
  • Video of Client Presentation on DVD
  • Calculators for Premium Rates on Smartphones
  • System for Estimating Final Expenses
  • Agent Training, Website, and More at Legacy Safeguard University!

Proven Ancillary selling systems

  • We have effective and tried-and-true mechanisms in place for:
  • Hospital Indemnity Plans for Short-Term Home Healthcare
  • Plans for Cancer/Critical Illness

We not only have the best products, but we also show you how to sell them verbatim from the best producers in the country!