The Pros and Cons of Offering Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance is a type of life insurance that covers the cost of end-of-life expenses, such as funeral expenses, medical bills, and other end-of-life costs. As an insurance agent, offering final expense insurance to your clients can provide them with peace of mind and help them prepare for the future. Here are some of the pros and cons your clients will have with final expense.


Affordable Premiums

One of the biggest advantages of final expense insurance is that it’s typically more affordable than other types of life insurance. This can make it more accessible to clients who may not have the budget for a more expensive policy.

No Medical Exam Required

Final expense insurance policies typically don’t require a medical exam, making it easier for clients with pre-existing conditions to qualify for coverage. This can also make it a more convenient option for clients who don’t want to undergo a medical exam.

Provides Peace of Mind

Final expense insurance can provide clients with peace of mind knowing that their end-of-life expenses will be covered. This can help to ease some of the financial burdens on their loved ones during a difficult time.


Limited Coverage

Final expense insurance policies typically offer limited coverage amounts, which may not be enough to cover all end-of-life expenses. This means that clients may still need to pay out of pocket for some expenses.

May Not Be Necessary for Some Clients

Final expense insurance may not be necessary for all clients, especially if they have other types of life insurance coverage or have made other arrangements for their end-of-life expenses.

By understanding the pros and cons of final expense insurance, insurance agents can help their clients make informed decisions about their coverage.