Why Should Insurance Agents Use Video Marketing?

Video marketing may not be cheap or easy, but it will get you results that no other form of media can promise. Its effectiveness makes it all but a prerequisite for anyone wanting to convert viewers into customers. Here are some reasons why all insurance agents need to adopt video marketing.

Video Is A Powerful Teaching Tool

98% of customers have said they watched videos about the product or service to learn more about it before purchasing it. Nearly every potential customer you have will watch a video about your services or policies if you give them the opportunity. You can’t control how people prefer to learn, but you can make them prefer to learn from you.

You’ll Cultivate Trust More Effectively

Customers feel more at ease purchasing products and services from individuals they can see and hear. When you speak to the camera, you’re speaking to your audience. That’s why 57% of customers say they feel more confident about going through with a purchase after seeing a video about the product or service they’re interested in buying. Video marketing helps eliminate uncertainty by cultivating the trust necessary to make that surefire sale.

Video Marketing Is Google-Friendly

Google is so deeply interwoven into society that its name has become synonymous with online searching. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that all of your future customers will have discovered you through Google or YouTube (which is owned by Google). That’s why one of your top marketing priorities should be getting your name as high on the search results list as possible. Google’s algorithm favors pages with videos embedded, so much so that using video will make you 53 times more likely to show up on a search.

Skyrocketing Click-Through Rates

The efforts you put into video marketing will help with rewarding the efforts you put into crafting emails. Your click-through rates can go up as much as 96% – almost double what you’re currently getting. This sheds light on yet another benefit of video marketing, which is its versatility. You can use the same video for your social media account, email marketing campaign, and official website, and you’ll have four distinct large audiences who have a chance to purchase policies from you.

Video Marketing Almost Always Has A Positive ROI

83% of businesses report a positive ROI after implementing video marketing. Another way to see this is to reverse the perspective – if a certain business decision had an 83% chance of a negative outcome, a “no” would be a no-brainer. In this sense, that 83% chance of getting back more than what you invested into video production makes video marketing a must.

Cultivate Your Marketing Presence Today

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