Effective Ways to Keep Your Insurance Clients Educated

For your customers to trust and value your business, they need to have the right information. Your customers will depend on you to get the right information they need to make decisions about their insurance. Instead of just having a sales mindset, you should be ready to provide educational resources and valuable information to your clients.

This will help you gain an edge as many insurance buyers may not have the full knowledge of the product they are about to purchase or have purchased. Consumers today are looking for accurate, timely and readily available information. It is important to know how to deliver this to your clients as an insurance agent. Below are some ways through which you can keep your clients educated.

Improve Your Website

Many people looking to purchase insurance do not have an understanding of how it works and the key details. Most buyers will search for details online before purchasing a plan. To keep your insurance clients educated, ensure you include valuable content and educational resources on your website. Your clients should have access to the information they need on your website without necessarily having to search elsewhere.

Apart from a website, a blog is another tool through which you can educate your clients. Blog posts are more personalized and relatable. Through these posts, you can easily build a relationship with your clients. Blog posts can contain detailed information about insurance products and services, general questions, challenges, etc. You can also use blog posts to inform your clients about how your company aims to implement solutions and how they can benefit from it. Through your website, you can easily post information to keep your clients educated and informed. For example, a FAQ page, relevant links, and a knowledge base can help to provide relevant information to your clients.

Video Blogging

A lot of consumers in different industries appreciate video content. While text-based information may be unattractive to some users, video content is a viable alternative. In addition to written blog posts, video posts on your blog can help to educate your customers. A video detailing your products and services can help to increase employee engagement and also make your information more relatable to your clients.

Avoid Overly-Technical Terms

Each industry has its jargon and technical terms. These special terms may be known to you but many of your clients will be unfamiliar with them. To educate your clients effectively as an insurance agent, ensure you break these complex aspects and terms into simple language.

Use terms that your clients can easily understand, instead of using fancy terms. If you have to use technical language, ensure you break it down in a way that your clients can understand. Many insurance clients only have little information about the insurance products they are interested in. It is left to you to help them understand.

Make Your Content Easily Accessible

Apart from creating valuable content, you need to ensure that the educational resources you have are easily accessible. Apart from emails and phone calls, blog posts and web content are ways through which you can provide easily accessible information. You can include links to blog posts that you’ve created in the past on other pages to help your clients find them easily. Also, a FAQ page and a sitemap can be helpful to your clients when looking for information.

Ask for Questions

Another way to keep your clients educated is to ask for questions during your interactions. It is very likely that your clients will have questions about their insurance coverage that need to be answered. Asking for questions from your clients can help them to understand their insurance coverage and insurance needs further.

Connect through Social Media

Social media serves as an avenue for many brands and companies to connect with their customers and also provide valuable information. Through social media, you can educate your insurance clients by creating exciting content such as video content, short posts, ads, etc. Social media provides the ability to reach a wider client base easily.


Ensure you take the time to sit with your clients and analyze their coverage and their level of satisfaction with your business. You can do this through yearly reviews. At the end of each year, create an avenue for your clients to review their coverage and ask questions. This will help to determine if changes are necessary in order to meet their future insurance needs.

This also serves as an opportunity for your clients to learn more about their coverage and how certain factors can affect their coverage. At Western Marketing, we offer agents more than just a contract. We provide access to leading insurance tools that can help you succeed as an agent.