How Can I Get My Insurance License?

Getting your insurance license is easy, but takes a few steps in order to get there. Here are 4 steps you need to take in order to get your insurance license.

Step 1: Education

Nothing is possible without some expert, experience-based training first. Some states require that you complete a pre-license education course to be able to register for the insurance exam, some not at all. Whether or not your state requires pre-license education hours, you need to properly study for your insurance license exam one way or another—why not do it easily with an insightful training course?

A pre-license education course is the most comprehensive and straightforward way to prepare for the test. Features of a pre-license education course include:

  • Practice exams
  • Live online instructor-led courses
  • Study guides and materials
  • Access to instructors for questions

Most pre-license education courses range from 20 to 40 hours and will meet the requirements of your state. Specific information you receive and amount of required education hours depends on the type of insurance you plan to sell and where you plan to sell it. Regardless of specific hours, education is the first and one of the most important steps towards an insurance license.

Step 2: Application

You will then need to submit an official license application. These applications are relative to your state, and available through your state’s Department of Financial Services, Department of Insurance, or State Corporation Commission.

The National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) will process your license application once submitted. You will need to provide your basic information on your application—it is very easy to complete, as long as you take your time to answer each question accurately. You also need to know what kind of insurance license you’re planning on selling to accurately process your pre-exam education and future steps.

Step 3: Background

Alongside your application, you will also need to submit a background check. This is a familiar process to most people—you will receive directions on where to complete the check, and it will be reviewed and filed by your state. You will also likely need fingerprinted, which may cost between $35 and $75 dollars.

Step 4: Exam

Finally, the moment has come—next to education, this is the most important step in the licensure process for any future sales agent. The exam will ask questions regarding contract law, policy provisions, annuities, underwriting, applications, and more. But, with the right knowledge and training under your belt, this process is generally regarded as fairly easy for most people. It is still important to review any helpful study guides and prepare for this step.

Step 5: Licensure

The time has finally come—after completing these steps, you are finally ready to get your insurance license. As long as you follow and pass each of these steps, you will receive notification and a copy of your official insurance license. Print this for your records and future clients.

Get Ready for Your Insurance Exam with Western Marketing

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