here's how you can stay motivated as an insurance agent

What Long-Term Goals Should I Develop As An Agent?

Goals keep the heart of your work alive. As an insurance agent, setting achievable goals not only keeps you motivated, but pushes you towards success as well, especially in the long-term. But what goals should you set?

How to Set Goals

Before deciding on the goals you want to set for yourself, you need to know how to set them. When planning out the next months and years of your work, here are a few traits each of them should positively feature:

  • Specific: Be as clear and specific as possible about what you want to achieve. The more narrow your goal, the more you’ll understand how to achieve it. 
  • Measurable: If you can’t see the progress you’re making, you will very easily get discouraged. Setting milestones along the way allows you to check in and evaluate your progress, and step up your game when needed to meet each step towards the long-term goal.
  • Achievable: Can you reasonably accomplish your goal within the timeframe you’ve defined? You want to push yourself, but within reason. Set a bar that will help keep you motivated and focused, and decide whether it’s something you can achieve now, or if there are steps you need to take first to prepare.
  • Relevant: When setting goals for yourself or your agency, make sure they’re relevant. Ask yourself why the goal is important and how it contributes to the long-term.
  • Time-based: You need a timeframe for each milestone, objective, and idea on the way towards any long-term goals. Otherwise, you may find yourself playing catch-up, or working yourself too hard for something that should be a long way off.

Overall Business Goals

With these features in mind, we can now consider general categories in which you should set your long-term goals. We’ll give you examples of what goals in these categories may look like, but your specific ambitions are up to your discretion.

For agents, an overall business goal is like answering the question, “where do you see yourself in five years?” This should be an overarching target that umbrellas all of your other goals—something you’ll find especially important for staying on the right track for the long-term.

Revenue Goals

Sales drive the success of insurance agents. You should set a goal for either maintaining or increasing your current numbers over a long enough period of time to allow growth. Just remember to keep it attainable. You may, for example, set a long-term goal to improve your follow-through process for leads.

Marketing Goals

Of course, without your name out there, you’ll have a hard time meeting sales goals. You need to be setting long-term marketing goals in order to increase your clientbase without letting the well run dry. You could, for example, set a goal to improve your website within a set number of years based on client feedback.

Meet Your Goals with Western Marketing

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