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Can I Become An Insurance Agent Without A Degree?

While any college degree in the field of business can be helpful, you by no means have to have one in order to become a successful insurance agent.

Why You Don’t Need a Degree

Many agents get into the field with just a high school diploma. A degree will prepare anyone with background knowledge but is definitely not required to reach your full potential. Insurance agencies know this—some are more likely to hire those with a degree, but they base their decision almost entirely on how much you understand about the insurance world itself, not the education behind it.

A sales background can also be helpful—however, once again, it is not required. Degrees are only helpful when they cover courses such as public speaking, business, economics, or finance. The good news? You will come to learn and understand these topics through agent training, rather than a long, expensive 4-years. Plus, instead of learning about these skills in a non-essential setting, agent training will teach you hands-on relating to issues in the world of insurance sales.

Qualifications to Become an Agent

If you don’t need a college degree, what do you need to become an agent? Exact requirements vary from state to state. However, many require training in the field, and even more require passage of a licensure exam. In fact, every state requires a passed licensure exam, with a few exceptions in Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, and Montana. These exceptions are only for a few types of insurance sales, all the rest are required for all types.

Some states also require pre-licensure training. In Florida, you may need up to 200 hours of training, while Arkansas only requires 20. Most states with required training stop at 20 hours. Even if you live in a state without required hours like Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, or Kansas, you should still consider training.

Why? Well, for the same reason you get a degree to become a nurse and the reason why insurance agents can go without a degree—this experience is vital to your success, especially for those entering the sales field for the first time. Here are just a few things you’ll learn:

  • Federal and state laws that govern the insurance sector and how they impact financial products.
  • Guidelines from governmental and non-governmental organizations about selling financial products to customers and clients.
  • Insurance best practices: How to sell a wide range of insurance products, maximize profits, and assess risk.
  • How to become a better negotiator, communicator, and team player.

Sales may come naturally to you—and that is great for your drive to become an agent. But natural talent is wasted without this background knowledge. And, since a majority of U.S. states require an exam and licensure, this training will also ensure you have what you need to pass.

Get Ready for Sales Success with Western Marketing

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