apply these three insurance marketing strategies to reach the next level

What Are Three Marketing Strategies to Use in Insurance?

To market your insurance agency, you need to increase your business visibility, demonstrate your knowledge through informational content, and utilize paid advertising and telemarketing.

Marketing Strategy 1: Make Your Agency Visible

Website: give your website a makeover. Add calls to action on every page. Make the site easy to navigate with helpful tabs and links throughout. Use a consistent, modern color scheme and font. Display testimonials on the home page. Claim your business on Google My Business to share your contact information and location with anyone who searches for your business.

Social media: give your online presence a boost by increasing your activity on social media. You need to make accounts for your business on each platform to claim the name, even if you decide not to be active on that platform. This prevents other people from impersonating your business. 

You can use social media as a way to demonstrate your credibility and show some personality. Give your business the voice it deserves. You will want to make a profile describing your business, its hours of operation and contact information. You can use your social media platforms to boost the content you produce elsewhere for your business.

LinkedIn can be used to network with your clients and business partners. You can also get involved in forums and share some industry information to help people. This will make you a trusted resource that people will feel more confident going to for advice. If people reach out to you, connect with them and start them down the path to purchasing a policy.

Marketing Strategy 2: Demonstrate Your Knowledge

Produce relevant informational content. This will help to show that you are knowledgeable about the industry and a good source to look to when your clients are seeking information or advice.

Writing blogs or making videos or webinars will help your website to perform better in search results. Google recognizes that you are producing relevant content and will reward you for it if you continue to churn out helpful information for your viewers. 

Viewers who are seeking insurance information will want to find honest answers. Give them the truth and present the information as clearly as possible. You want your viewers or readers to be engaged and find the information valuable. This will motivate them to share the information with other potential clients, increasing your pool of leads.

Marketing Strategy 3: Use Paid Advertising and Telemarketing

Traditional marketing efforts will come in handy to provide a proven increase in your brand visibility and website traffic. Paid online advertising through search engines makes your website pop up when users search relevant key terms. You will pay based on a cost per click, meaning the more people who visit your website, the more you will pay and the more potential clients you will have.

Telemarketing is also a suitable option that is time-efficient and is a good way to reach your target market. You cannot count on every person in need of insurance to do a thorough search using the terms you bid for. Telemarketing can reach nearly all potential clients in your area, increasing the chances that you can entice someone into scheduling an appointment.

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