How Can Insurance Agents Use Instagram?

Instagram marketing is a powerful tool. At nearly over 1 billion users, the social marketing app has revolutionized how consumers and influencers connect. And connect they do – one instagram post gets 23% more engagement than a Facebook post. 

It may be hard to imagine how insurance agents can use Instagram to their advantage. However, agents can reach and connect with more people using a mix of ads and posts. Read on to learn more about how you can use instagram to grow your career.

Deciding On Content

Instagram is all about connecting with your clients. It allows your clients to feel like they’re seeing the behind-the-scenes. It adds a level of authenticity that other sites don’t offer. Be mindful of this goal when choosing your content.

On Instagram, you can post stories, posts, lives, and reels. All of these options allow you to generate engaging content and amplify your brand. Decide on what type of content you want to offer that will also be the most engaging. For example, you could provide honest insurance advice and position yourself as an expert. This may look like posts with explanations in the comments, stories with questions and answers, reels with videos of you explaining key concepts, and lives where you answer questions in real time. Or you could decide you would rather provide a more narrative account of insurance, going through your day as an agent in reels. Decide what feels most authentic to you.

Amplify Your Brand

Instagram is the perfect visual storytelling platform. As an agent, it provides you with the opportunity to amplify your brand. After you’ve decided what type of content you want to generate, you can then decide how you want to generate the content. For example, do you want to come off as modern and efficient? Use more minimalistic music and fonts in your posts. Want to portray yourself as an insurance agent that caters to people with luxury items? Show yourself in luxurious environments with high quality lighting and production value. Keep in mind that every form of engagement will demonstrate your brand, so be strategic

Dive In

Instagram can be intimidating at first as an agent, but don’t be afraid to dive in! Think about your goals, your motivations, and your strengths. Make a vision board to decide what you want your brand to be, or consult a brand consultant if needed. Instagram can help you grow, so don’t under-utilize resources for your business!