Tips For Agents To Follow When Doing Facebook Marketing!

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms for U.S. adults. In 2021, it had 261 million active users among Canada and the United States. This translates to huge visibility – if used correctly. Read on to learn how Facebook can work for you and maximize your exposure as an agent.

Tip #1: Use their built-in software.

Use Facebook to work smarter, not harder. The website has a number of built-in programs specifically targeted at business owners. There are 4 different types of Facebook ads: images, videos, carousels, and collections. Facebook has a business suite that allows you to engage in streamlined, targeted marketing with these ads. Specifically, it allows you to run highly targeted ads to specific audiences, show those ads during certain times of the day or the month, create ads that aligns with your brand, all with a custom budget depending on your campaign.

Facebook’s software doesn’t end there. You can use their software to do something called split testing, otherwise known as A/B testing. A common technique in the marketing industry, this allows you to compare your ad success. You run two almost identical ads that have one major difference, such as word choice, image, targeting, etc. Run them at 20% of your maximum budget. Once you see which one runs better, you can use the rest of your budget to run the more effective ad.

Tip #2: Tailor your content to your audience.

Know your demographic to understand what type of content they are most engaged by. Know the details by asking yourself questions like:

  1. What type of clients do I want?
  2. What priorities does my ideal client have?
  3. In what insurance niche are products I am selling?
  4. How much can my projected audience spend on my products?

Once you’ve answered all of these questions, you can use Facebook’s software to target your ideal audience. You can customize your target audience extensively using Facebook’s software. You can use this customization to create even more targeted ads. 

Using Facebook’s powerful software can help you create targeted ads to better engage with your audience. By using their software, you can be more effective with your time and budget. Don’t underutilize this incredible resource!