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How to Make Use of Our Agent Quoting Tools

At Western Marketing, we make sure to provide our agents with the best quoting tools possible.

CSG Actuarial has quoting tools for Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Final Expense, Hospital Indemnity, and Dental plans. Western Marketing offers CSG Actuarial as a free quote engine for agents. AdviseRightⓇ is an annuity platform that you can use to find the right product, fill out the E-application, and send it directly to the carrier. Both tools are time-saving and organized to do the hard work for you. 

How to Use CSG Actuarial

From the dashboard, begin by selecting the plan type you are searching for from the left sidebar. A small window will prompt you to enter your client’s zip code and may ask for the client’s age, sex, effective date, and tobacco use history depending on the product.

The tool pulls up all available plans serving your client’s zip code, sorted from least to most expensive. If there is no annual premium, as with many Medicare Advantage plans, the plans will be sorted by the out-of-pocket maximums.

Functions in the left sidebar allow you to select annual costs and filter for the options you want to see. You can un-select the Expand option to collapse the plans to a list with price alone. You can also select Add Underwriting Data to see how specific conditions will affect your client’s price or limitations. This will show the Lookback Period for each plan, which indicates that if the client experienced the selected condition within the indicated number of years, they may be unable to sign up for that plan or could be subject to higher rates.

To see more details about any particular plan, select Plan Details. This will tell you more about any associated coinsurance or copayments involved, as well as more information about the plan’s costs not shown in the list view.

How to Use AdviseRightⓇ

You can access our annuity platform from your single sign-on at sso.wmacorp.com. Once you are in to AdviseRightⓇ, you will find yourself in Your Workspace. 

Your first stop should be to create a new contact, filling in your client’s identifying information. If you have a spreadsheet of clients’ information, Less Annoying CRM will teach you how to input this data all at once so you can avoid the tedious task of adding each client individually.

Once you have the clients entered, you can begin using that data in policy searches with Needs Determination. In your Settings, you should find Programmer API. Use the API Access code where Needs Determination asks for User Code, and use the Default API Key where it asks for the API Token. These codes will allow the system to pull in the data for your client.

The Needs Determination will ask for your client’s financial information to decide which policies are the best match for your client’s situation. Once you have entered the relevant information, select Apply. 

Create a New Application with the policy you select. This will be exactly like a paper application, but online. Once you fill in the necessary information, you can send the application to your client to request an electronic signature. Once you have both signed, you can send the application directly to the carrier.

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