How To Scale Your Insurance Agency

It’s one thing to grow an agency, but it’s another thing to scale it. Growth is linear and is more about maximizing results with current tools and resources. It’s achievable through maintenance. Scaling is the difference between being stagnant and overlooked in favor of larger agencies, and wisely investing time, money, and effort into something that will generate a clientele sizable enough for you to compete with the agencies that once overshadowed you.

Have Short And Long-Term Goals

You need to set goals for yourself and your agency. Think of what you’d like your agency to evolve into, and set realistic, actionable goals that you can work toward. This will keep you focused on scaling, as well as ingraining a sense of purpose to keep you motivated when times get tough. Make your goals measurable so that you can get an accurate idea of the progress you’re making.

Devise A Marketing Plan

Early on, you’re going to have to chase clients and work hard to sell policies. You’ll encounter rejections, and at times, feel discouraged. It’s important to devise a marketing plan where you concentrate on no more than three objectives at a time. Make cold calls, find leads, and do your due diligence, but don’t let yourself fall prey to burnout by committing yourself to working so many hours that it intervenes with your personal life.

Commit To Quality

Set yourself apart by being focused on delivering your services with integrity, honesty, and diligence. See your clients as human beings, and be attentive to them. Deliver the highest quality experience, because quality translates to positive online reviews and personal recommendations, which leads to more clients for you. This will help your agency grow organically, and eventually, you may have a self-generating stream of clients.

Craft The Client Experience

Think of what it’s like to be your client, and think of the experience you want them to have. Thinking this way may help you generate more ideas as to how you can improve, and enable you to put these ideas into actions so that you can deliver a consistent, high-quality client experience that will keep policyholders loyal and encourage prospects to follow suit.

Build A Winning Work Culture

Scaling an agency can only come to fruition when everyone involved roots for the agency’s success. You want to cultivate a positive environment that rewards hard-working employees, celebrating successes and providing guidance when they’re struggling. Compensate your employees well and make them feel valued, and they’ll respond by doing their best to help your agency maximize its potential. 

Scaling Starts Here

At Western Marketing, your agency is in good hands. We’ll help you identify goals you have for your agency, and craft a plan to help you achieve them. Our specialty is bringing insurance agents and agencies to new heights, and we want you to experience that success. Call us today at (800) 852-7152.