How to Sell Insurance Online

How to Sell Insurance Online

Western Marketing has changed the way agents can reach their customers—with our consumer-facing online quoting technology, you can sell life insurance and final expense, completely online!  

By adding consumer-facing quote engines to your website and social media pages, you can generate leads and sell life insurance online. In other words, your customers can shop, quote and start the application process all in one convenient place! Here is what you need to know to get started selling insurance online.

Consumer-Facing Quote Engines

When building your clientele as an insurance agent, you never know who will come across your website. As an expert marketing firm, we know how important easy access and user-friendly interfaces can be to draw and keep business. 

If someone visits your site, don’t lose them to a confusing setup. We have come up with a system that can avoid lost leads to something as simple as UI—by setting you up with a consumer-facing quote engine, your customers are guaranteed easy-access to information, without any confusing hassle

Online Lead Generation

One of the hardest things to do as an insurance agent is to generate viable leads. And, when selling insurance online, finding the right customer base may seem impossible. But, with the right company and software behind you, finding leads online may be easier than you would expect.

Western Marketing offers discounted access to a wide variety of online lead generation programs to bring valuable clients right to you. These include:

  • Lead Heroes
  • ARM Leads
  • Need-A-Lead
  • Target Leads
  • Kramer Direct
  • MS Powermail
  • Lead Concepts
  • MBI Direct Mail

We also have programs in place to reimburse the cost it takes for you to generate leads. For qualifying issued and paid Medicare Supplement policies within a calendar month, Western Marketing will reimburse your costs for leads and marketing up to $1,000 for 30+ signed policies.

Sell Insurance the Faster and Easier Way—Contact Western Marketing Today

Selling insurance online is a great way to seek out new clientele and make more sales. However, without the right team behind you, you may be left upstream with no paddle. Western Marketing has the expertise and resources you need to skyrocket your independent insurance sales—when you’re ready to get started, give us a call at 800-852-7152, or email us at