The top skills are needed to be a successful insurance agent.

What skills are needed to be a successful insurance agent?

The best insurance agents have a number of skills to earn clients and propel them forward to success. Western Marketing is here to push its agents to greatness—here are 5 of the best skills every insurance agent should have.

Customer Service

As an insurance agent, everyone you meet is a potential customer, and you should be able to treat them as such. However, customer service is much more than trying to sell people something—no one will listen to you if you are pushy or ingenuine.

Treat your customers like fellow human beings, not like a notch in your sales-belt. You must be able and willing, then, to treat your customers with kindness just as much as you are able to sell them your product.

Knowledge of Business Practices

Insurance sales are a business just as much as a personal enterprise—the more skill and knowledge you acquire as a businessperson, the better you are able to make sales consistently over time.

The difference between an agent with this skill and one without is just that—consistency. If you are wildly successful in your first few months as an agent, but are unable to turn that initial boost into a business practice, you won’t get very far in the long run.


Your success ultimately relies on your ability to push yourself—with Western Marketing, we will set you up with all of the resources and knowledge you need to make sales, but without the ability to manage yourself and stay motivated, you will fall short.

Establish a set schedule, create a work-life balance, keep your clients in order, and more. These things are all up to you, and without self-management, you may struggle as an insurance agent. 


You need to be marketable—both your sales approach and your personality. As a marketing firm, Western Marketing can help you on the business end, making sure that the insurance you are selling is available and appealing to your customers.

However, when selling insurance, half of the battle is selling them on yourself. Make sure potential customers know that you are on their side, willing and able to get them the best possible deal on the best possible coverage.


Insurance agents should not be equated with pushy over-sellers. Be the difference that your customers weren’t expecting—be fully upfront and honest with them. Even the smallest amount of integrity can go a long way, and having this ability is incredibly influential in earning lifelong customers.

Have What It Takes? Contact Western Marketing and Put Your Skills to Good Use

If you feel like you may be cut out for insurance sales, chances are, you are—all you need is a fair and trustworthy partner to get you started. With Western Marketing, we will put your skills to good use, and boost you towards success. To get started, give us a call at 800-852-7152, or email us at