Top 5 Reasons Agents Should Choose Western Marketing

Top 5 Reasons Agents Should Choose Us!

Western Marketing has helped independent agents like you grow and succeed in the insurance industry for years. Our invaluable time-saving, client-earning resources, lead generation, and selling systems will set you up more than any of our competitors.

Don’t believe it? Here are 5 of the many reasons why agents should choose Western Marketing.

New Agent Training

If you are new to the insurance field, we have the ins-and-outs you need to know to get you started on the right foot.

Our Agency Playbook is full of insider tips to set you apart and above the competition. Our video training series is concise (without all of the “fluff” like other training series), and will teach you how to properly address the 4 major concerns your clients will likely have. It also provides our sales presentations and scripts, proven to be effective in closing sales.

We also offer selling systems for clients who may be outside of the usual purchasing window to help you earn consistent sales and revenue. Be sure to check out our Postseason Gameplan, Final Expense Selling System, and Proven Ancillary Selling Systems.

Customer Acquisition Resources

Making that final step and acquiring a lifelong customer is one of the trickiest parts of being an insurance agent. That’s why Western Marketing provides a number of resources to ensure that this process goes smoothly and successfully.

Our streamlined agent quoting tools are available on our website and online for easy-access. And, with easy online contracting, we have eliminated the need for messy contracting paperwork that:

  • Has a Quick & Easy One-Time Setup
  • Simplifies and Speeds Up Contracting
  • Allows You to Contract with Multiple Carriers in Minutes
  • Securely Saves Your Info for Future Contracts

Customer Advising Resources

Once you are in the game and have a wide customer base, we don’t leave you in the dust like other agencies. When your customers come to you with questions and concerns, we have provided a number of resources for you to help them with.

MedicareCart, an incredible online tool that can help you guide customers through the enrollment process and compare pricing and plan options, is available for free, exclusively for Western Marketing agents. Agents will also have free exclusive access to AdviseRight, an incredible platform that tracks the sales process, determines the needs of your clients, and integrates CRM software.

20+ Agent Bonus Programs

With 20+ bonus programs, we have ensured that our agents have the opportunity to earn a consistent income. Unlike our competitors, we want to help our agents with more than just that initial sale. These programs not only help make sales, but can also help you earn a bit more on top of it.

Free Quote and Lead Generation Software

Generating leads is a long and complicated process. With Western Marketing, you can access Lead Heroes, a program that generates exclusive, affordable, call-verified leads on a daily basis. And, we also provide a hefty discount on direct mail lead programs to generate more customers and fill your sales funnel.

Don’t Be Left Behind—Get Ahead of Your Competition and Call Western Marketing

With endless growth opportunities, now is the time to become an insurance agent with Western Marketing. We will give you a leg up over your competitors—when you’re ready to get started, give us a call at 800-852-7152, or email us at