How To Sell Insurance Over The Phone

Selling insurance products can be hard. Selling products over the phone can be even harder. The phone can be impersonal, intimidating, and demanding. However, learning how to sell well over the phone is vital. Almost 78% of people who initially research companies online before making a purchase ultimately end up converting to purchasing over the phone. While it is challenging, there are some tips to make selling over the phone a bit easier. 

Perks of Selling Over the Phone

Selling over the phone can actually be more advantageous than traditional sales in an office. First, it is beneficial for the agent because it allows for more flexibility. The agent can work from home, while traveling, on their own schedule, etc. It also benefits the client because the agent is still available from just one phone call away. That way, the client does not have to come into a physical office. It is a much more efficient process. 

Selling Strategy

To make the process easier, agents should be strategic. Establish rapport, be smart about leads, know the audience, and be efficient. 

Establishing rapport

Selling over the phone can be awkward. While having a natural flowing conversation is ideal, sometimes that is not always possible. Have a few standard ways to establish rapport over the phone, like a set of conversation openers to get the conversation going. 

Use warm leads

If the agent only has a limited amount of time they can spend on phone sales, they should start with warm leads. Warm leads mean that the person has already expressed interest in an insurance product. Starting with this population gives the agent a leg up. 

Know the audience

Knowing the audience can help agents tailor their approach to that specific clientele. For example, if an agent is selling life insurance products, they should know the standard set of concerns that a client looking for life insurance has. 

Harness Efficiency

Consumers are more and more interested in efficiency. Everyone is busy, which means clients do not want to spend their free time on the phone. An agent who is efficient with their pitch has a higher chance of capturing and sustaining a prospective client’s interest. Knowing the audience, as above, will help the agent with their efficiency if they anticipate questions and concerns and incorporate those into the pitch. And make sure to have everything needed to close the deal on that phone call. 

Selling over the phone can actually be a great sales method if agents hone their skills. Use the above tips to level up your phone pitch!