How To Be A Good Insurance Agent To Your Clients

Being an insurance agent is all about connecting with clients and helping them fulfill their goals. There are a few different expectations your clients will have of you, and a few ways you can go above and beyond for your clients. 

Understand Your Clients

The best way to be a good agent to your clients is to understand your clients. First, this involves active listening. Truly listen to your clients as they talk to you about their needs, goals, priorities, and limitations. Listen without trying to formulate your own response while they are still talking. Center them and their needs rather than centering your business’ needs. 

Once you have listened and understand their priorities, you can then talk them through their options. Help them weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option. You want your client to walk away from your meeting feeling empowered and supported, rather than “sold to.”

Be the Expert

Your clients expect you to be the expert on every one of your products. For many agents, this is not feasible. Instead, choose one insurance niche to become an expert on. For example, you can be an expert on Medicare. This means you know the answer to every question your client will for you about Medicare. Many agents may decide to sell other product lines in addition to their main niche. Once you are an expert in one niche, you can become knowledgeable in other product lines. For example, you may also sell life insurance policies in addition to Medicare policies. While you may not be as much of an expert on life insurance, you should be knowledgeable enough to answer most questions. Most importantly, know where to point your client if you do not have the answers.

Be Strategic

Part of being a good agent to your clients includes supporting yourself. You cannot help your clients if you are overwhelmed, overworked, and not up-to-date on the latest changes. Make sure to be strategic about your responsibilities.

For example, outsource as many responsibilities as you can so you can focus on connecting with other agents and clients. Network as much as possible to keep up-to-date on industry changes and to know who may be a good resource for your client if they need a product you do not carry. 

Overall, being the best agent you can be for your client involves focusing on connecting with others while staying educated and up-to-date. While it can be hard to balance all of these needs, being strategic and efficient can help you accomplish your goals!