Top 3 Mistakes New Insurance Agents Make

Becoming a new agent is exciting. The insurance industry is a dynamic, bustling industry filled with enthusiastic people. Sometimes, however, new agents may get ahead of themselves and make mistakes. Many of these mistakes are common and, with the right mentorship, easily corrected. Keep reading to learn about these mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake 1: The agents aren’t not listening.

Being an agent is all about connecting with other people – connecting with clients, their communities, and with other agents. A key part of connecting is listening. New agents may think they are listening, but they are actually more focused on what they themselves are going to say rather than really listening to the other person. 

One of the most important aspects of being an agent is the agent-client interaction. Focus on listening to the client without formulating a response and without an agenda. 

Mistake 2: The agents aren’t keeping up-to-date.

New agents are still trying to learn the basics of the industry. At the same time, the industry is constantly changing. Combining these two factors means that it can be difficult for a new agent to keep up. 

Set aside time at a regular interval (daily, twice a week, weekly, etc.) to learn the basics of the industry. Having a mentor in the industry is even more valuable as they can guide new agents on the intangible points of being a great agent. Then, set aside a time at a less frequent interval (say, once a month) to keep up with changes. Attending an annual conference can also tackle two birds with one stone by allowing agents to network while keeping up with new innovations.

Mistake 3: New agents may be doing too much at once.

Being a new agent is an exciting time, which can lead to doing too much at once. Finding new leads, networking, selling – all of these changes at once can be overwhelming. 

Make sure to ask for help when needed. Set aside time to do basic upkeep, like organization, responding to emails, etc. Focus on organizational foundations and outsource work that is easily delegated. 

Everyone makes mistakes. Thankfully, these common mistakes are easily rectified!