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Our Top Life Insurance Resources with iPipeline

Selling life insurance policies is an interesting part of the insurance industry that has exponential room for growth. Exploring this option is an excellent idea for anyone who’s wanting to start out in the insurance field or add new products into their business.

If you’re interested in working with Western Marketing and selling life insurance policies, our partnership with iPipeline will make that process simpler than ever. Keep reading to learn more about the resources that are provided through Western Marketing’s partnership with iPipeline.

Finding the right tools as an insurance agent

Insurance agents have a lot to do, so it’s all about finding the right tools and resources that’ll save time. Being able to use efficient tools will help you succeed in the insurance field while aiding you in making the best recommendations to your clients and helping them find the right policies. Spending the time required to find the right strategies will save you both money and time in the long run, so let us help you find those tools.

At Western Marketing, we help professionals succeed in the insurance industry. Our team has detailed knowledge about what’s required to do well in this field and passes that knowledge to those that are building a career in insurance. We have multiple partnerships that allow insurance agents working with us to increase their sales and draw in new clients.  

What is iPipeline?

Our partnership with iPipeline is one of the many reasons why insurance agents choose to work with Western Marketing. iPipeline allows insurance agents to increase their life insurance sales, by providing a wide range of services to simplify the process.

Selling life insurance is complicated, as the process can be lengthy and requires multiple steps to ensure that the individual qualifies. Knowing intricate details about individual policies is important, so insurance agents will need to relay that information to their clients and ensure they are aware of the details they’re agreeing to. iPipeline makes this process simple and ensures that insurance agents have access to the resources that they need to succeed in selling life insurance.

Services offered through Western Marketing

When working with Western Marketing, insurance agents have free access to many of iPipeline’s services. From the Term & GUL Quote Engine to underwriting tools, iPipeline provides a wide variety of resources that make it easier than ever to succeed in selling life insurance policies.

Agents that work with Western Marketing also have access to iPipeline’s Life Forms and E-Apps, as well as Life Product Details. Being able to use these resources will transform your daily tasks, providing you with accurate information quickly.  

If you’re interested in learning more about our partnership with iPipeline, reach out today.  We’re here to answer questions and provide guidance about the importance of finding the right tools when selling life insurance. At Western Marketing, our team is here to provide resources and support, so that you’re making the right decisions when it comes to your insurance career. Our passion lies in helping insurance agents succeed, so let us help you boost your career and explore your true potential.