Should You Buy Insurance Leads?

One of the major frustrations of being an insurance agent is trying to find leads. “Should I improve my marketing? Should I cold call? Should I approach people through their companies?” Trying various methods can be exhausting. 

One way that insurance agents circumvent this frustration is by purchasing leads. This takes some of the leg work out of the equation, but it may not be necessary for everyone. Read on to learn more.

How to Buy

If you want to buy leads, you find a reputable company and evaluate their packages. Reputable companies include Quote Wizard, Datalot, ZipQuote, and NextGen Leads. Each company can provide you with names and contact information of different leads. You can then use this contact information to call or email these prospective clients.

Some companies will allow you to buy different packages of different amounts of prospects in different types of industries. For example, some will allow you to target people looking for business/group insurance, property insurance, casualty insurance, etc. 

How to Tell if Buying is Right for You

Whether or not buying leads is right for you depends on where you are in your career and your business goals. People early in their career may want to focus on building their skills. These include the traditional tactics of building leads – cold calling, using networks, going through employers, etc. 

However, many businesses will come to a point where they are ready to experience significant growth and have already saturated their existing audience with the above tactics. People who have reached this point in their careers should turn to buying leads. Buying leads can greatly augment their audience and prospective clients. Buying leads will also save these agents time so that they can use that time to grow their business in other ways.

Additionally, businesses who are ready for expansion can afford to pay the small rate associated with buying leads. The cost of the leads will be a fraction of the money that they generate. However, someone who is less experienced and not able to handle as much volume may end up losing money if they cannot successfully generate clients from the leads.

Making the Choice

Choosing whether to buy leads requires careful consideration of your skills, goals, and career. If you’re getting tired of constantly chasing clients and are ready to grow your business, buying leads may be right for you.