you can market yourself as a health insurance agent by getting client referrals

Six Ways to Market Yourself As a Health Insurance Agent

You can market yourself by crafting your image, getting referrals, promoting testimonials, getting out in the community, staying in touch with past clients, and reaching a new demographic.

1) Create a professional email signature

When you are competing with other insurance agents for the same target audience, you need to find a way to stand out. Show potential clients that you are professional and organized by creating an email signature. Your email signature should include a headshot, your contact information, links to your website, and your social media accounts. There are several available tools to crop your headshot nicely and design your email signature. You can even make your signature into an image with your business colors and fonts, which you can paste into the email signature settings of your email account.

2) Get referrals from your clients

How do you get good referrals? You provide your clients with exceptional service and always thank them with kind replies for any feedback you receive. As a health insurance agent, you can make a big difference in your clients’ budgets and save them money month after month. Continue to produce great results for your clients to motivate them to refer you to their friends and family. Maintain regular contact with your clients and be reachable with prompt responses.

3) Pay attention to online reviews

Most people will do their research before they sign on to a commitment like insurance. As we do with online shopping and recipes, we are drawn to the ones that have the best reviews and capture our attention. 

Stay on top of your reviews. Respond to negative reviews when you find them. Place some of the top testimonials on the homepage of your website to show all of your website visitors your credibility and happy clients.

4) Get out in the community

Putting yourself out there is critical for any agent. A health insurance agent needs to do the same by networking whenever possible. Attend and volunteer at local events and fundraisers. Health-related charities such as breast cancer organizations and organizations raising money to fight other health concerns are good to support and connect your business with. If you can afford to sponsor or participate in a fundraiser, this may help your image.

5) Keep in touch with past clients

Maintaining positive relationships with your current and past clients will help you to retain those contacts for referrals. Reminding them of their positive experiences with your business by communicating regularly and celebrating their milestones will help to keep your agency top of mind when they run into friends and family in need of health insurance policies.

6) Expand your outreach

Try marketing new products and engaging a new target demographic. If you have been helping clients find Medicare plans, try marketing insurance plans in the private insurance marketplace. Although these two areas may seem very different, the needs of the clients are similar. They all need affordable plans that will cover their regular and emergency needs.

You can market to a new demographic through targeted advertising on social media, marketing throughout your community, and telemarketing efforts. Paid advertisements are a great way to branch into a new market while allowing you the time to handle in-person appointments.
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