contracting with multiple insurance carriers

How To Contract With Multiple Carriers!

You can contract with multiple carriers with the help of SuranceBay LLC, a multi-carrier contracting automation system. 

Insurance carriers are all looking for the same information from producers: they just want that information on their paper (information like demographic details, license details, answers to background questions, banking information, etc.). With SuranceBay LLC, a producer’s profile is completed once and that information is used to populate multiple carrier forms when contracts are requested. Your information is also securely stored for future use, so you may quickly contract with additional carriers at any time.

Registering for SuranceBay LLC

To access the login system, go to Contracting, then Easy Online Contracting under Western Marketing’s website. Once on the login screen, click on “new user.” Follow the directions on each screen until you get to the final screen. It tells you your account activation email has been sent. Get that email and click on the link contained therein. Create your password and login to your newly created profile. Click on my info to get to your profile information. Your goal when setting up your profile is to get all green checkmarks on all of your profile tabs (at the bottom of the screen) except the history tab (the information stored there is not mandatory, therefore no green checkmark is needed). 

Click on each tab and input the required information. If you have a question about what to do on any of these tabs click on the question mark icon at the top of the screen to watch a short video that will guide you. it is very important that on your scan tab you either upload a signature authorization or digitally create your signature by clicking on a signature capture. You read and agree to the form, then click on “add signature” then using your mouse like a pen, hold down the left mouse button and draw your signature. Once completed, click on done, then click the back arrow to get back to your profile. Once you have all green checkmarks on all of your tabs you are ready to request an appointment.

Request an Appointment

To do this, click on request appointment. Here, choose a carrier and a request type then click “Next.” On step 2, choose a state or States and a product or products then click “Next.” Answer at least the required two carrier-specific questions and click “Next” again. Here you must preview the forms by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page. Once done, click on “confirm” then “add my signature” SuranceBay LC will now submit the appointment request to the agency you’re contracting through for processing to the selected carriers.

Why Contract with SuranceBay LLC?

Paperless online contracting does the work for you. Instead of filling out endless forms with the same information, your securely stored information can be used multiple times to request appointments. This processing system saves time and paper while adding convenience and allowing you to focus on the rest of your business.
Need additional help with contracting? Contact Western Marketing and we can help you.