marketing myself as a life insurance agent

How Can I Market Myself As A Life Insurance Agent?

Market yourself through your professional image, paid advertisements and lead generation, and networking.

Promoting your agency

Your life insurance business needs to be known. To market your agency, you need a modern website and social media accounts for your business. Make the website easy to read, easy to navigate, full of calls to action, and straightforward. Be consistent with your font and color choices.

Post regularly on social media to build a following. You can use your social media accounts to share the content you create and answer frequently asked questions about the industry. Engage with forums in your industry to establish yourself as an advisor; clients will come to you and you will gain credibility by demonstrating your knowledge.

Finding leads

One of the greatest challenges of a life insurance agent is finding leads. You can use a lead generation tool to find the eligible target clients in your area, but should know that other agents may be seeking out these same prospects. You need a way to contact them that will impress.

Start out by cleaning up your email signature. You should include a headshot, your contact information, and links to your website and social media handles. This professional look will add to your positive impressions. When clients refer others to you, they will be more likely to check out your website because it is so readily available and gives them a chance to look into your agency.

You can then seek out paid advertisements. People who search for terms like “life insurance [region]” will find your business. Search engine ads show your business when the relevant key terms you have identified are entered into the search bar.

Creating content that is relevant to your industry will help boost your search engine performance. You can make this content in the form of a blog, video, webinar, or other form of media that can convey useful information that your clients will be searching for. When these resources show up in search results, it increases your business’ visibility and helps to draw in more clients.

LinkedIn networking

The social network LinkedIn is an important tool any life insurance agent should use. 

You want to create a thorough profile. Write a thoughtful summary and make the text throughout read conversationally more so than as a resume. Use professional photos. Highlight your accomplishments in the bullet points.

Engage in groups related to the life insurance industry. Join discussions and add useful comments. This will help you to gain the trust of those looking into the industry and gain the respect of potential clients by placing yourself in the position of an expert. Similarly, share your knowledge on forums to those asking for it. This will help you attract leads.

Stay in contact with your connections. You want to maintain fairly regular contact with your connections so when you ask for a refer it does not come out of nowhere. Celebrate their accomplishments.

Watch for life changes. As a life insurance professional, keep an eye out for changes in a person’s situation that may trigger them into needing life insurance. Be there to offer assistance if needed and advice. If they find you helpful and honest, they may choose to purchase a policy from you.

For more tips on marketing yourself as a life insurance agent, contact Western Marketing.