here's how to sell insurance effectively

Top 3 Tips To Sell Insurance Effectively!

When you first meet up with a potential client, they may have apprehension. You need to approach the meeting as a consultation, not a sale. Tell them about the kind of work you do and answer their questions about the industry. In the ideal scenario, they end up purchasing a policy.

Selling insurance effectively is about more than your pitch, however. It can come largely from your marketing tactics. Learn to sell one product successfully, target your warm market demographic, and solidify your online presence to see results.

1) Master One Product

There are many policy types to choose from: Medicare Advantage/PDP, Medicare Supplements, Hospital Indemnity, Dental Plans, Final Expense, Annuities, Term Life, Guaranteed Universal Life, and more. When you start out, you should know one product inside and out. Be able to answer any questions, be up to date with the latest regulations, and get your certifications and licensing.

Master the art of selling one insurance product before branching out to more policy types. In the process of learning to effectively sell the one product, you will be able to tailor your pitch and learn to adapt your strategy to meet the needs of different clients. 

Entice existing clients with offers for your additional products (say, ancillary health products or final expense). Understanding their needs will help you know how best to optimize their coverage.

2) Target Your Market

Before you have leads, you need to do some cold calling. You have 30 seconds to explain who you are, why you’re there, and what you are offering. Calling business owners is a great way to drum up business. Many business owners do not have personal benefits and are willing to listen to your call.

Another way to cater to this market is through hosting seminars. Informative, educational seminars are a tactic to build trust and credibility while informing your market of their needs or the coverage they could be missing.

If your market demographic spends a lot of their time on certain forms of social media, place ads there. Know your customer persona.

3) Promote Your Business Online

Self-promote on social media once you have perfected your website. You can set up a business account Facebook page and Twitter to share your content and increase visibility. 

Facebook ads are another feature that you should consider implementing. You can tailor them to target your local demographic. People spend copious amounts of time on social media, and if they view your ad they could visit your website and later convert. The more visitors to your website, the greater your chances of converting an online lead.

Knowing how to sell insurance effectively is key to becoming a successful insurance agent. To learn more tips and tricks, contact Western Marketing.