Here's how agents can use our annuity sales platform

How Can Western Marketing Agents Use Our Multi-Carrier Annuity Sales Platform

AdviseRightⓇ is Western Marketing’s offering to all of our agents who sell Life and Annuities. This exclusive program uses Less Annoying CRM technology to simplify your data entry process. The Needs Determination Wizard allows you to input financial data from your client to see which products would best suit their needs. The product suggestions will then allow you to advise them accurately. Once your client has chosen a product, AdviseRightⓇ gives you access to E-applications to easily transfer the client’s data into a form that can be electronically signed and sent directly to the carrier.

Using AdviseRight: A Multi-Carrier Annuity Sales Platform

Features: all-encompassing and training, one-on-one and group webinar training available. If you can turn on your cellphone, they can teach you how to use the CRM.

Go to Your Workspace. Click New Contact. Enter your client’s name, email, and other prompted information. These can be imported from a spreadsheet so you do not have to enter each piece of data for your numerous clients.

Contact Records. All the data you entered will be shown under Contact Info. 

Conversations will show up under history. Email logging feature will include a bcc email address to log any emails you send us a note under History. You can assign yourself tasks, attach files, and use a number of other functions to keep you organized.

Annuity Policy: Opens a window with many fields in it. Categorize your client as a prospect, lead, or application in process. Select “Create Annuity Policy.” This shows that the client has a policy in progress.

Go to Reports. Under Annuity Policy Report, you will see your client with their attached information. Use this to keep track of who you need to contact next. You can filter by prospects or where they are in the process.

How to Access AdviseRightⓇ

Sign in using our single sign-on system: Go to AdviseRight. 

Needs Determination is a way to review your clients’ data to determine whether an annuity is the right product for them based on their unique financial situation.

Go to Settings. Find Programmer API. Use the API Access code where Needs Determination asks for User Code, and use the Default API Key where it says API Token (you can copy to clipboard). This pulls in the data so you have less data entry to do manually.

In the Needs Determination fact finder, enter the client’s Income, Annual Household Expenses, Net Worth, Liquid Assets, Goal, Source of Funds, Additional Information, and Replacement Information. Once all of this is entered, use the two down arrows in the upper left corner to find any pages that need additional information. Apply this. 

Once the Needs Determination is finished, you can create a New Application to fill out the actual live application that you can go to. This looks like a typical paper application. 

The client will receive an e-signature request that they open in their email. Once they sign the application, you will be notified. Then you can go in and sign the document and send it directly to the carrier.

Benefits of AdviseRightⓇ

Data can be pulled out from what you enter in AdviseRight, directly to carriers.

It keeps you on task and makes sure you can do the functions you need to do to keep your pipeline and manage your clients and their data.

The system will continue to evolve as we add more carrier applications. This will be your help for annuity carriers and single premium life. More carrier integration will come as time goes on, with more life insurance and final expense. As long as you have fewer than 1000 clients, you can also use this as an email blast system. 

Western Marketing firmly believes in technology that will help our agents out and we want to make sure that we provide the technology so that you can conduct business efficiently and as quickly as possible. Try it today with your 60-day free trial with Less Annoying CRM.