our turn-key selling systems are designed with our agents in mind

Western Marketing: Our Turn-Key Selling Systems

Western Marketing’s turn-key selling systems are designed with our agents in mind. We want to help you increase your sales with proven strategies for products you are already in the market for. So what are you waiting for?

Postseason Game Plan

A guide to successfully advance through the Medicare season and into the postseason to become a senior market champion. 

You already have existing Medicare clients which you can target for an additional sales opportunity: final expense. With our selling system, you can effectively improve your margins with the same clientele.

Why should you start selling final expense? Your clients will want to know that their final arrangements will not be a financial burden for their loved ones during an emotional time. Offering final expense as a low-cost option with very little medical underwriting is a great way to ease your clients’ worries.

Once you are licensed to sell final expense insurance, we can set you up with our Postseason Game Plan and Legacy Safeguard selling strategy.

The strategy includes pre-approach letters to send to your clients. Also included are call guides to set up appointments as well as presentation scripts, with language that has been proven to be successful.  

Proven Ancillary Selling Systems

It’s accepted knowledge that standard Medicare plans do not give the beneficiaries full coverage. Even Medicare Advantage plans have gaps. You can save your clients out-of-pocket expenses by securing them a hospital indemnity plan or other ancillary health products.

We have established health products to bring your clients the supplemental policies they need. With these products, you can learn how the top producers sell ancillary products.

With this package, you will learn about selling short term home healthcare, hospital indemnity plans, cancer/critical illness plans, and dental, vision, and hearing plans.

Word-for-word advice from top producers will guide you to sell these health products. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to Western Marketing today to learn more information about our turn-key selling systems!