Follow-Up Strategies For All Insurance Agents To Follow

Converting leads with the right follow-up strategy is just as much of an art as it is a science, and it requires fine-tuning and learning by trial and error. However, there are principles you can apply to ensure that you’ll convert more prospects into clients.

Be Organized

Following up is easy when you’ve got all the right information in one place. You’re going to meet a lot of people, and you need to remember them as much as they need to remember you. 

Take relevant notes, especially the individual’s personal details and current policy, and keep them in one location. There are numerous customer relationship management (CRM) software applications to make this more convenient.

Notes will also be valuable after you’ve turned a prospect into a client, as in cases of disputes, because with them, you have proof of specific coverage requests and any changes from a compliance perspective. 

Be Personable

You need prospects to feel valued. Initial conversations may start with topics relating to the latest news, sports, or current events. However, you need to learn more about your prospect. Perhaps they have an upcoming vacation or wedding. They may be switching careers or retiring. Whatever the case, you need to take note of personal details.

These will be critical when following up. Instead of a call where you strictly ask about whether they’re still interested in a policy, start with asking about how that vacation, wedding, career move, or other personal event went.

Be Memorable

Always keep your name in your prospect’s mind. Introduce yourself, have your prospect follow your social media pages, and give them personal handwritten notes. You need to maintain that connection with your prospect so that he or she will keep you in mind when the time comes to get a policy.

Follow Up With Phone Calls

Phone calls may be old-fashioned compared to texts and emails, but they work. People are more likely to share more details over a call than text, and you’ll get more prompt answers. Also consider that some individuals have a tendency to forget to respond to texts and emails, even though they may be interested.

Evolve Your Strategy, Embrace Technology

If a method that previously produced consistent results becomes ineffective, it could be time for a change. For instance, it may mean shifting your focus to building a social media presence. You have to adapt to how the world is evolving to continue growing.

It’s also a good idea to invest in CRM software, because you can save hours from manually performing administrative tasks by utilizing an automated process. Embracing technology allows you to spend more time getting clients than performing menial tasks.

Secure More Clients Now

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