Using Your Website To Improve Web Presence

How Can Agents Use a Website to Improve Their Web Presence?

Every company is expected to have a website. Since most consumers take the time to research online, the importance of your business’ web presence cannot be overstated. Not only does your website give your company credibility, but it also offers potential clients information during your off-hours and gives you a platform to produce additional content to share on your social media.

How To Improve Your Website

How do you reach more viewers? Give them something to view! Then direct them to your website. 

One of the best ways to boost engagement is through social media. Each time you produce new content on your website’s blog, share a link to it through your company’s Facebook and Twitter page. Thanks to personalized ads, Instagram and Facebook ads can direct potential clients back to your website if they search for insurance information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the strategy for appealing to search engine algorithms. Each search engine uses data crawlers to look through webpages for relevant information. To increase the chances of your content showing up on the first page, utilize keywords that your viewers are searching for. Try to place these relevant keywords in your piece 3 or 4 times (no more).

One of the most important components of your website to focus on is navigability. Make sure new visitors to your website can find their way around easily. Having logical tabs at the top of the page and links to internal pages can show the viewer around the website. The more links you create (the more pages your site has), the higher the possibility of it ranking in search.

Also important are a readable font and good color contrast. There are websites to make sure your colors have enough contrast for color blind people. All of these measures are important for accessibility. Placing alternative text for all images is an important effort to take so that screen readers can interpret everything abled users can.

What do you put on your website? Everything that clients ask you about. General information about topics relevant to the coverage you offer. An important aspect of your web presence is relevant content, which will help your website to show up (rank) higher in search listings. You can produce these pieces and post them under a Blog section on your website.
These blog pieces are about questions clients may ask you or want to know more about. A key benefit of your website is that it is available to viewers at all hours of the day. Give potential viewers the information they are looking for, and you will have their attention.