How to Succeed as an Insurance Agent

How to Succeed as an Insurance Agent

Being a successful insurance agent is all about your approach to work and the attention you give to your clients.

Persistence and self-discipline

As an insurance agent, you have more than a 9-to-5 job. When your income is based on commissions, you need to bring your full energy every day. In hard times, it can be difficult to remain positive. You need to be persistent and have the self-discipline to keep going day after day to succeed in this business. Some agents find that allowing time in their schedule for weekly self-evaluations helps to keep them accountable to their goals.


Clients appreciate agents who will return their phone calls. One way to be more accessible to your clients is to use a chatbot on your website. It can answer general questions before directing more complex queries to you and works outside of your office hours. Another component of this persona is visibility in your community. Attend events that are not related to insurance, and be a friendly face that people will find approachable. You may find that going to your child’s soccer games or school events will help you find common ground to relate with people over. This helps to build trust among the public and can allow you to pass out business cards when you have productive conversations.


The more presentations you give, the greater your chances of success. Keep going and get those numbers up with the determination you put into every presentation. Bring the same energy to your 9 a.m. appointment as your 4:30 p.m. Your clients will appreciate knowing what to expect when they interact with your business.


Every client wants to feel important. When they call you with a question, you should return their calls promptly. This also means that on your end you need to take the time to get to know your clientele. Take notes if you need to remember the connections you share and keep track of changes in their family situation or history of claims. You need to relate to your clients and approach claims with empathy to their situation. Understand that there are emotional components behind many circumstances that result in a claim, and you will need to respond as you would hope your own family would be served.

Service orientationThe best insurance agents are those that believe in the good of the products they sell. Having a service attitude and a want to serve your community will show through in your interactions, helping your clients to see your character and increasing their trust in your intentions.