How Can Agents Use Social Media to Improve Their Web Presence?

How Can Agents Use Social Media to Improve Their Web Presence?

These days it is important for companies to have a presence on social media to increase visibility, advertise, and boost engagement with potential and existing clients.

Social Media Platforms

Your priority for platforms should depend on the age demographics you are trying to reach. Facebook is the most popular, followed by Twitter and Instagram. The older demographic (65+) uses Facebook more than other social media, at a rate of 62 percent, according to recent Pew research data. Upwards of 90 percent of small businesses have a Facebook page, but they may not understand how to effectively use social media.

Start by making your company a Facebook page. Initially, you do not need to worry about posting. Focus on making your online image consistent with your company brand. A majority of Americans have Facebook pages, and you want them to find your business. They do that by interacting with content.

Facebook ads and other online marketing require following the appropriate laws and regulations. Make sure that you follow all legal procedures when formulating your marketing strategy.

Crafting Content

You cannot expect a jump in followers without quality content. Many followers will be attracted by information that they find relevant and helpful. Make a commitment to producing content through blogs and articles that are specific to your niche and which direct viewers back to your website. Publish this content regularly, at a rate of about one piece each week.

What should your content look like? You know your market and your niche. Create your content to answer questions and give information related to your products. This will demonstrate your competency and help to build trust with your followers. Even your existing clients will appreciate your content and be assured that you are knowledgeable and up to date.

Make the content understandable. Your clients would seek out a textbook if they were looking for one. Give them conversational writing and make it skimmable by using headers, images, and paragraphs no longer than four lines. This is important for people reading on different devices: your format will look different on a phone versus an iPad or laptop.


Activity on Facebook peaks mid-week, and we recommend posting on Thursdays, between 10 am and 3 pm.

To share content, post a short summary of the blog or article along with a link back to where it is hosted on your website. Relevant images will also catch the eye of viewers, especially if posted on Twitter or Instagram. If you do not have one already, you can add a Blog section to keep your pieces easily archived.

Once you have mastered Facebook, these links can easily be shared on Twitter with even shorter summaries. Instagram is a great way to put out ads, thanks to personalized content. Start with a relevant image, then link it to your piece and add the summary as a caption.

Most importantly, stay true to your brand and promote true, relevant information.