What Are The Top Tech Platforms For Agents?

What Are The Top Tech Platforms For Agents?

Western Marketing has the leading tools for our agents. With these tech platforms, you can easily and accurately quote to bring your customers coverage from top companies. They cover life insurance, Medicare, and annuities and have the ability to simplify your contracting.


AdviseRight® enhances and documents every part of your sales process with its multi-carrier annuity sales platform. The tech platform contains a needs determination wizard that will suggest suitable products and Firelight e-apps so you can transmit business directly to the carrier. 

Annuity Rate Watch brings Western Marketing agents a number of tools, including lifetime income rider comparisons, an FIA hypothetical calculator, side-by-side product comparisons, and annuity product details from the industry’s leading carriers.


SuranceBay helps the agents of Western Marketing to speed up the contracting process using its multi-carrier online contracting system. A one-time online interview gathers the necessary data to populate your contracting paperwork for the carriers you select, allowing you to contract with multiple carriers in minutes. Utilizing this tool will help you avoid ever filling out contracting paperwork again, saving you time and energy.

Life Insurance

iPipeline brings Western Marketing agents its industry-leading Term Life and Guaranteed Universal Life quote engines. You can save your quotes or launch directly into iGO e-apps to send your applications directly to the carrier with 100% in good order submissions.


The versatile CSG Actuarial Senior Market Tools Suite offers our agents its industry-leading platform for Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans, Final Expense, Hospital Indemnity, and Dental Plans. This technology platform contains an underwriting filter, electronic Scope of Appointment form, and a universal e-app that is supported by several top carriers.

Why Use a Quoting Platform?

Using an insurance quoting platform helps to increase trust from your clients. It shows them that you are factually operating based on data and helping them find a plan with the benefits they need at rates they can afford. It also shows them that you have their best interests at heart and are not merely trying to benefit your own pocket.
These platforms can also be used to boost your lead generation process. Allowing visitors to your website access to a free quote sent to their email is a great offer. It can help them to see the value of other insurance options and motivate them to make comparisons to their current coverage. They will also be more open to scheduling a meeting with you to hear your presentation.