marketing myself as and independent agent

How Can I Market Myself As A Medicare Agent?

Medicare clients want to work with someone they can trust. In order to be that trustworthy agent, you need to understand what it takes to market yourself as a good, trustworthy Medicare agent.

Identify your target audience

You can identify your target market once you know what insurance line you are interested in. When it comes to Medicare, your main target area will most likely be anyone who is turning 65, or is already 65 or older.

Start building a list of prospects based on your networking and lead mining. You can include the friends and family of current clients. 

Create educational content

Make your website a hub of information. People searching for information about Medicare tend to have many questions about each of the parts and how they work. Write some blogs and pages of frequently asked questions to provide potential customers with the information they are looking for. Include your contact information or a call to action at the end of each written piece to draw the clients in.

You can also create webinars or videos if you are more experienced or interested in those mediums. Promote your videos on YouTube and Instagram. 

Reach out!

Don’t be scared to call prospective clients in your target market. The more leads you get, the more likely you will be to help a client find a Medicare plan that suits their needs. But, you can’t be hesitant to contact them first. Many times, that one phone call from you is all they need to get the ball rolling.

Set follow-up appointments

Make follow-up appointments with each of your clients. This will help them to put a face with the name and get to know and trust you. Trust is one of the most important components of every sales transaction. This will help you to get higher quality referrals, which can draw in more clients.

Highlight testimonials

Testimonials are a key indicator for potential clients that you are someone they can put their trust in. This demographic in particular wants to know that the person selling them a policy has helped other kind people in the hopes that they will experience service of a similarly high caliber.

Get out into the community

Market where you know your demographic will frequent. Sponsor local sports games, support charity events, volunteer at fundraisers, and more to put your face out there and earn respect in the community.

Learn to market for your target audience. For additional help, contact Western Marketing.