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How Can Insurance Agents Target New Customers?

To target new customers, insurance agents should create relevant informational content, boost referrals, and increase their online presence.

Create Blogs

You want to produce relevant content full of information for your potential clients to discover. One of the essential tasks of marketing your insurance business is to demonstrate that you are an expert. Producing that knowledge for your clients is a good way to show that you are an authority in your field and will attract new clients who are searching the internet for your topic areas.

To craft blogs that will attract new clients, you need to make sure that the search engine will find them. You can do this by using keywords. That means you need to use the key phrases that your clients will be searching for to find the topic you want to write about. Think “target new insurance customers” for this blog, for instance. The more relevant material you produce, the more likely your target audience will find the information and be directed to your website.

Promote your blogs on your social media accounts and give them a separate page on your website so they can be archived and so new visitors can easily navigate to the rest of your website.

Make Professional Referral Agreements

Another good way to meet new insurance clients is to make a referral agreement with other local businesspersons. These professional partnerships are commonly formed between businesses whose clients revolve around the same industry. Car dealerships might refer new clients to you if you offer motor vehicle insurance, for example.

Ask Clients to Refer You

Happy clients are one of your biggest assets. One of the most logical ways to get positive testimonials is to provide great service. Ask your satisfied clients to refer friends and family in the market for insurance. You can ask them in person, over the phone, or in a meeting over video chat. The easiest way to bring the conversation to testimonials is to answer their thanks. When they thank you for excellent service, you can graciously accept their thanks and ask them to send any person they know in need of your services your way.

You can also add a professional email signature. Including links to your social media, adding a headshot, and providing contact information will help to improve your credibility when you are looking for referrals.

You can ask your readers and viewers to share blog posts and videos. This will spread your content and put it in front of more people searching for that information, which could lead to more potential clients. 

Update Google My Business

Claim your account on Google My Business and update it with the latest information, including your location, hours of operation, and other important info. Google My Business helps the search engine to connect you with potential clients in your region. This also helps people find your business and contact information more easily.

Use Paid Advertisements

Paid ad campaigns through search engines and social media are a good way to put your content in front of the right audience. Most of these services charge on a cost-per-click basis, meaning you pay for the traffic directed to your website. This is a great way to increase your business visibility.

Looking for more ways to target new insurance customers? Contact Western Marketing for more tips and guidance.