becoming an independent insurance agent

Top 3 Steps In Becoming An Independent Insurance Agent

To become an independent insurance agent, you need to choose which insurance product fits you most, obtain the proper licensing, and gather leads and clients. With the help of Western Marketing, you can be on your way in no time.

Insurance Products

Who would you like to sell insurance to or what type of insurance would you like to sell? At Western Marketing, we can give you the rundown and provide more tools and resources to focus on more personal types of insurance.  Personal insurance focuses on coverage for individuals and families and can include life insurance, health insurance, Medicare, and more. Selecting one area of insurance to focus on will help you know which licenses and exams you will need to become an independent insurance agent in that field.

Obtain the Correct Licensing

Before you can take a licensing exam, you will need to attend a pre-licensing course. Many of these classes are offered online and can be taken from the convenience of your own home. Your state will have different requirements for these courses, which affects how many hours of time you will need to dedicate to these classes.

You then have to take your state’s licensing exam for the insurance area you chose. To take the test, you need to book an appointment. Once there, you can expect the exam to be proctored by a third party. You may need to take your pre-licensing certification with you on the day of the exam to prove that you are ready to demonstrate your knowledge. These exams will be multiple choice and will display your score once you submit the final question. You will need to retake the exam until you pass in order to obtain your license.

The state will conduct a background check before they issue your license. This is standard. They will notify you when you have been approved, and then you can start practicing business.

Gather Leads and Clients

Once you are licensed to sell insurance, you need to start finding your clients. You can start by selling to your friends and family, which can help you prepare your business model and learn how to quote with your preferred insurance companies.

You will want to advertise your business through marketing efforts. Learn what you can about digital marketing and social media. Start by building a website and making a Facebook page for your business. You can easily build your own website with an online template and purchase your domain name to build your brand. Choose brand colors and fonts and use these consistently throughout your website and print materials. 

Social media can be your friend. With highly targeted local advertisements through programs like Google My Business, you can make sure your client demographic sees your business messaging and are more likely to interact with it. Lead generation tools are out there to help you reach your audience and build up your client portfolio.
Ready to get started on the path to becoming an independent insurance agent? Western Marketing has the resources and personal guidance you need to launch your business.