Seminar Marketing for Insurance Agents

How Does Western Marketing Help Agents with Seminar Marketing?

Do you host workshops or seminars? Hosting educational workshops on a consistent basis can be a very profitable business model. We have everything you need to get started, even if you have never hosted a seminar or workshop. Retirement Max is our turn-key seminar marketing system exclusively for Western Marketing agents. 

Retirement Max

Retirement Max Workshops are designed to educate consumers on the latest strategies to help minimize retirement risks and maximize retirement income. These educational workshops cover retirement planning, Social Security, Indexing Strategies, Medicare, and more. The presentation topics can be customized for you and your business. 

We provide you with the PowerPoint presentation, detailed script, cheat sheets, training, and necessary materials. After you book a local venue such as a library or community center, we will launch a digital marketing campaign to fill your workshop with high-quality retirement prospects. 

Through digital marketing, we can fill your workshop for as little as $1,000. Our marketing is targeted at consumers of proper age with retirement accounts in order to maximize the quality of your attendees. You will host the workshop as the local retirement expert, set appointments with your attendees, and later convert these new prospects into clients by serving their retirement needs with annuities, life insurance, and Medicare health plans.

Depending on your market, costs typically run from $1,000 to $3,000 per workshop. Why spend $8,000 to $12,000 on expensive dinner seminars when we can fill your workshops for a fraction of the cost? There are no hidden fees, and minimal setup is involved.

Why Use Seminars for Insurance?

Show that you are an insurance educator and demonstrate your competence by hosting one of our workshops. With seminars, you can attract large numbers of qualified prospects. Compared to online marketing or your website alone, in-person seminars give people in your market a face and a personality to connect with the product. You position yourself as the expert to contact with any questions. 

The educational aspect of seminars makes them low-key and approachable for prospects just starting to look into your products. Your priority here is to teach people about your area of expertise, and this approach gives you a more genuine persona to the public eye instead of positioning yourself as an insurance salesman.

As a business model, these allow you to reach a room full of people in the same presentation time you may have spent in a one-on-one traditional presentation. Reaching a room full of qualified retirees will help boost your Medicare, annuity, or life insurance sales.