Top 5 Tips for New Insurance Agents

Top 5 Tips for New Insurance Agents

The insurance industry is enormous and as a new agent, you are sure to be wondering how to set yourself apart and find success. Follow the guidance below for a great start to your career.

Dress Professionally

Make a good impression. Our clothes can be one of the first things that give others an inkling of who we are as a person. Presenting ourselves with professional clothing is one of the best first steps to creating an air of confidence and letting the potential customer know you are a credible source for these products.

Learn from the Experts

If you are new to an agency, there are many people to learn from and potentially to mentor you. Pay attention to what they say and avoid saying when speaking with customers. Look for training opportunities and seminars to attend if you are starting your own agency or are an independent agent. Learn what you can from professional organizations such as the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, the National Association of Insurance Professionals, and more.

Focus on Customer Service

As an insurance agent, you are in sales. Just as a waiter is scrutinized by their patrons, you will need to present with the poise of a customer service professional. Clients will expect the best customer service and prompt responses to any questions they pose. That means returning phone calls, being available, and making your clients feel valued. A personal connection is also valuable in sales, and your relating to your clients will help to make the conversations flow easier. Being an active listener is also crucial to having great customer service and showing the clients you value them

Be Persistent

Persistence is one of the most vital qualities of a successful insurance agent. Understand that as a new agent you will experience rejection, and that is okay. All agents have experience with rejection, and you can only grow from it. Have high energy and learn to adjust your techniques for future success. A positive attitude and consistent work ethic are important for gaining the trust of your clients and being an asset to your team.

Market Yourself 

Your personal brand is built from your image and your presentation in life and on social media. Set yourself apart from other agents by the way you carry yourself, the way you speak, your demeanor, and more. Being transparent is another surefire way to show your character and integrity to all of your clients, no matter their age or station.