How to Sell Life Insurance Online

How to Sell Life Insurance Online

Once you set up a website to attract customers, increasing website visitors is the key to increasing numbers in your sales funnel. From the numerous prospects who visit your website, a smaller number will turn into qualified leads and go on to convert into a sale. 

Create a Winning Website

The first part of selling life insurance online is creating a great website. Your website needs to be easy to navigate and informative, with your contact information clear on every page. Provide relevant information and answer your potential customer’s questions. Use the website for lead generation, not necessarily as a selling tool. 

Increase Website Traffic

Increase website visitors through three strategies. Search engine marketing is a method where you pay to have an ad show up when someone searches certain keywords. You will pay for each visitor that visits your website by clicking on the ad. 

The next strategy to use is search engine optimization (SEO), which involves helping your website rank higher on search engines. You can do this by integrating keywords into your webpages and using specific HTML links. Hiring an SEO specialist to optimize your website or site content is an effective way to accomplish this. 

The third strategy is social media marketing. Integrate your website with your company’s social media accounts and share content that leads visitors back to your website. You can also pay to promote ads on social media, which you pay for based on how many clicks you get.

Converting Traffic to Leads

Your website needs to not only attract visitors but convert them to leads. One of the best ways to hang on to these prospects is to convince them to contact your agency or leave contact info in exchange for a free offering. You can attract clients with a free online quote or life insurance report, gathering their contact information so you can later convert them to leads. Incorporating a contact collection in the form of lead generation will prompt visitors to enter their name and email or phone number so that one of your agents can contact them. Avoid asking for information that is too personal or invasive. It can scare away visitors. Sending the quote to their email is a logical reason for visitors to input their info if they are initially hesitant. 


With this contact information, you then need to use your sales techniques. To automate this strategy even further, you could try sending an email pitch to the individuals. Your salesmanship is key to converting leads to sales.