life insurance agents should contact their clients at key points

How You Can Help Clients Stay Updated on Life Insurance

For insurance agents, a relationship with a customer shouldn’t stop after the sale. Staying in touch with your clients can help you retain business, get referrals, and build trust. It can also help the client by giving them key updates and ongoing support when they need to file a claim or solve a billing issue, etc. 

If you time your connections right, your clients will stay engaged and learn key facts about the product they purchased. Read on to learn our top two ways you can help clients stay updated on life insurance. 

1) Contact Them Soon After Purchase

From understanding waiting periods to adding policy riders, insurance is complicated. (Some policies don’t require a waiting period while others do). 

And the premiums and coverage will vary among the different companies. There’s a good chance that your client didn’t read the full policy. Although you likely informed them of the details of the policy initially, they’ll probably have new and old questions that need to be clarified. By contacting them soon after their purchase, within the first three months, you can help address any concerns. 

First, give them a few weeks or months to mull over their policy. Then, contact them after that brief lull to address their difficulties. Contacting them after they’ve already purchased the policy also builds trust and expresses loyalty. It helps them see you as an educator, not just a pushy salesperson.

2) Use Multiple Methods of Contact

Knowing your audience can help make your methods more effective. For example, if you sell life insurance or Medicare insurance, your audience is likely older and uses different types of media. If you sell car insurance, your audience is younger and much more diverse. Most people have cell phones, but older people are much less likely to have smartphones. They’re also much less likely to use social media, but do use the internet and email. By using multiple ways to contact your clients, such as telephone, direct mail, email, and social media, you can target your audience in a much more effective way.

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