MedicareCart is an enrollment tool that connects seniors with insurance agents to enroll in Medicare

How to Connect Your Clients with a Plan Through MedicareCart

MedicareCart is an enrollment tool that connects seniors with insurance agents to enroll in Medicare. It’s convenient and fast, and allows the client to feel like they have more control in the process. This easy-to-use tool can improve your sales and enhance your relationships with your clients. Keep reading to learn more about how to digitally connect your clients to a Medicare plan using MedicareCart!

What MedicareCart Is

MedicareCart is a software tool that allows agents to connect their clients to plans. It has all of the tools you would need in one place. It houses multiple carriers. It lets the agent virtually meet with the client and send a Scope of Appointment, send quotes, and pre-fill enrollment applications. The best part? It works on multiple devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.  

How MedicareCart Works

Your client must have a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. You can send them a link for your Scope of Appointment. You can then meet virtually to discuss their needs. You can send them quotes through the software. They can then view the plans using the software. When they find a plan they like, you can help them apply by using the software to generate a pre-filled application that you send to clients through text or email. 

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Why MedicareCart Can Work For You

MedicareCart makes the process of meeting with a client, giving them quotes, and helping them with their application much more convenient. Clients appreciate the software because it allows them to get insurance from the comfort of their home. For seniors especially, transportation can be an issue. Taking away this burden can allow you to reach more people. Clients also like this software because it tells them all the details of their plans, such as drug costs and out-of-pocket expenses. 

In addition, this platform helps agents by taking a lot of the logistical work out of their day. Instead of taking the time to set up a meeting, you can just connect with the client virtually. The software also lets you send a personal shopping link to clients. Clients can pursue plans through the agent’s link so the agent still gets the sale but the client can take more control — creating a more honest, upfront method. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being tricked into something.

The Bottom Line

Using MedicareCart can save you time and help your clients feel more in control. This one-stop shopping platform benefits both you and the client. And it’s available NOW exclusively to our brokers and agents. For more on how to incorporate MedicareCart into your practice, call (800) 852-7152 to speak with a Western Marketing team member.