here are the top 3 lead generation tips for new agents

Top 3 Lead Generation Tips for New Insurance Agents

Deciding to purchase insurance is an important decision and one that many consumers will research before they decide. To capture leads, you need to be a valuable source of information and be responsive to any requests for info. You should also evaluate how your current performance is bringing in clients and see how you can use that information to improve your sales. Today, we share our top 3 tips for lead generation for new agents.

Create Valuable Content for your Buyers

How will you convince your prospects that you are an authority on your products and services? Show them that you have a wealth of information that you are happy to share. As a consumer, being able to access general information serves as a guide and a lead-in to consulting the business for more advanced questions. 

Creating content can be as simple as covering major topics in your line of insurance. AnswerThePublic has consumer insight into the types of questions people are asking on your topics in search engines. This free resource can help you come up with the titles for your blogs or articles. If you do not feel comfortable in your writing, you can enlist the help of an expert.

Promote this content on your website and through your business’ social media accounts. This is as simple as posting a link to the article with a brief description to entice viewers. Using a picture will draw more attention, so we recommend Unsplash or other image sites that allow commercial and educational usage rights.

Follow Up Immediately

Your clients want to feel important.  Give them the impression that they are a priority by actually prioritizing communication with them. 

Your leads want the same level of attention. Follow up with a lead immediately, with a phone call or email.

Prioritize urgency. Prompt follow-up is more likely to keep the lead interested and show them that you value their time and interest. Start contacting them after first they request information. If you are dealing with an older demographic, your timing can be even more important. You want to call while the interaction is fresh in their minds to avoid being mistaken for a scam.

Log your interactions with each lead. This can be in the form of a spreadsheet or can be input into your CRM. Our AdviseRightⓇ software tracks your contact history and messaging with clients so you can focus on your other priorities.

Track Your Customer Journey

Do you know how your customers find you? Use analytics to find out how many people are visiting your website, request information, and go on to make a purchase. Who is getting drawn in from social media? You can tailor your messaging technique based on where the leads are coming from. This tactic involves placing the leads into categories: some will be sent off to sales while others need more nurturing before they will become qualified leads willing to convert.

At Western Marketing, we can help you with leads. You can take a look at our Double Down Lead Program, as well as learn how to achieve Direct Mail and Telemarketing Leads. For more information, give us a call today!