insurance agents should send Medicare clients updates when policies change

How Insurance Agents Can Help Clients Stay Updated on Medicare

Medicare can be confusing for clients, especially considering the changes that Medicare can undergo on an annual basis. Not only can following up with your clients will help them better understand Medicare, but it can also help strengthen their trust in you as their agent. There are several ways you can go about keeping them updated on Medicare. Below, we explain our top three ways to keep your Medicare clients up-to-date on new Medicare changes.

Prep Work Matters

Before you start updating your clients, you should first do some homework. Most clients don’t want to be contacted very often. The format in which you contact them can produce better results. For example, some people prefer email while others prefer direct mail. Pew Research Center data shows that technology use is increasing in older adults, but certain types of technology are more prevalent than others. 

For example, many older adults use the internet and subscribe to the internet at home. However, many don’t have smartphones. Even fewer have a tablet, e-reader, or have ever used social media. Make sure that you target the population efficiently. These clients are more likely to benefit from direct mail, phone calls, and emails.

1. Schedule prompt check-in after enrollment.

One way to help your clients stay updated is to check in with them almost immediately after initial enrollment. Many people have questions after they first start using Medicare. By approaching all of your clients about three months after enrollment, you can help them better engage with their Medicare benefits — making sure they’re getting what they’re entitled to and telling them when they can make changes to their coverage, if necessary. This will also help solidify your role as someone who can help them in times of confusion.

2. Send clients updates when Medicare policies change.

Medicare policies can change at any time. It can be difficult for clients to keep up with the changes. It can also be hard for them to understand which policy changes will actually affect them. If you send your clients brief memos on yearly Medicare policy changes (or rate increases), you’ll help them understand the implications for them. People like to work with people who educate them! We encourage you to be that reliable source for your customers.

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3. Time your marketing for enrollment periods.

One way to keep your clients up to date on Medicare and engaged with you as an agent is to send them reminders during enrollment periods. Many Medicare clients are confused by all of the different opportunities to change their coverage. Use this opportunity to educate them and keep them engaged with your service. 

By emailing or mailing your clients educational postcards a few times a year, you can help your clients understand Medicare better and use your services more. For more tips on how to engage your clients, call us at Western Marketing today.