here's how to integrate direct mail leads as an insurance agent

How to Integrate Direct Mail for Leads as an Insurance Agent

Some people may think direct mail is obsolete. When used correctly, it can be used to generate leads for insurance agents. Medicare is an especially lucrative market in which direct mail can benefit both the client and the broker. Take a look below to discover how you can integrate direct mail to generate leads as a dedicated insurance agent. 

Choose Your Target.

The first step of generating leads is to understand your target audience. Different demographics have different preferences when it comes to contact. For example, Medicare recipients are typically older. Older adults have different preferences for how they want businesses or agents to contact them. Most seniors have access to the internet and use email, but typically don’t have smartphones and aren’t on social media. They’re used to relying on direct mail. When you’re targeting a Medicare crowd, direct mail can work in your favor.

Choose Your Format.

It’s also important to know which format to use based on your target population. There are a number of formats you can choose for direct mail. Pamphlets, brochures, postcards, flyers, and letters are all appropriate forms of direct mail. Each type is more useful than another depending on the context. 

For example, a letter is useful when you want your clients to pay more attention to the information you’re sending them. It may be more useful in contexts that require more info, such as signing up for Medicare for the first time. Postcards and flyers are useful when you have short messages to deliver, such as notifying potential clients of new products. 

Time Your Messages Right.

Timing is an important factor in making your marketing more effective. First, sending direct mail too often can have the opposite of your desired effect. Clients may begin to discard your mailers if they come to see them as junk mail — if you contact them too often. Contacting them just the right amount is much more effective. Depending on your market, you can tailor when and why you contact them for more effective marketing.

For example, potential Medicare recipients have multiple periods of enrollment. You can send them direct mail flyers to remind them of these enrollment periods that are approaching, remind them of their eligibility requirements, and update them on any changes to Medicare. Timing your messages in such a way will benefit both you and your client!

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Direct mail can be an effective marketing technique if you know your target audience, choose the correct audience, and time your messages right. For more information on how direct mail can generate leads, contact us at Western Marketing today.