it's beneficial for insurance agents to use a telemarketing company for lead generation

The Benefits of Telemarketing for Insurance Agents

Telemarketing can be a very effective marketing tool if you use it properly. It can reach a larger audience than many other forms of marketing, is cost effective, produces immediate results and leads, and allows your sales staff to focus on making sales rather than marketing. Read on to learn more about the benefits of telemarketing

Reach a Larger Audience

Most people own telephones, whether that be cellular or landline. Telemarketing can reach a larger audience than many other forms of marketing. It’s quick and easy to target a massive audience with telemarketing.


Telemarketing is also a very cost-effective form of marketing. Call centers can quickly call many people per hour. There are no mailing costs, no graphic design costs, and no material costs associated with telemarketing like there would be with a massive mailing campaign. 

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Immediate Results

Strong telemarketing companies know to do their research beforehand to best target their demographics. This can help give you an advantage over your competitors. Knowing your demographic can also generate better results. For example, you can use telemarketing to ask specific questions. 

For example, certain questions can quickly tell you if the client on the call is the right target audience. The telemarketer may ask the prospect: “What questions can I answer for you?” 

“Do you have kids?” “Is there a specific reason you’re looking to buy a policy today?”

If you sell life or final expense insurance, it’s important to ask questions that will help you indicate whether they’re serious about purchasing a policy or if they just want more info.

Try to find a “trigger” event. By asking the right questions, it can immediately narrow down your audience to those who could really benefit from your products and services. This helps save both you and the client time!

Allow Sales Staff to Focus on Selling

Sales staff know how to close a deal, but generating leads can be draining. Using telemarketing can allow sales staff to focus on making the sale rather than diverting their time towards finding a lead. Telemarketing, as stated above, can narrow down the audience for the sales team so only the people who could actually benefit from their services are included. This makes your sales staff more efficient and effective. 

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Telemarketing can be a very effective form of marketing. It reaches large audiences, is cost-effective, allows you to target the right population to produce immediate results, and allows the sales staff to focus on sales. A good telemarketing company can help take your insurance agency to the next level and generate leads based on their research. Call us at Western Marketing to learn more about how telemarketing can work for you.