insurance agents can benefit greatly from doing seminars

Why Insurance Agents Should Take Advantage of Seminars

Seminars are a great opportunity to educate clients on their insurance options. Not enough insurance agents are taking advantage of these events. Seminars add an extra service to your business that gives you a leg up on your competitors, builds revenue while still being cost-effective, and can help your clients see you as more than just an agent. At Western Marketing, we have workshop services that handle the majority of the load for you, making it much easier for you to get in front of your clients. Today, we’ll explain why you should use seminars as an insurance agent. 

Strengthen Client Relationships

First, seminars give you more face-to-face time with your clients. Instead of just selling a product, seminars allow you to teach your clients something valuable. This makes them trust you more since you’re giving them useful information. Building trust with your clients is the first step in any successful sales relationship. Educating them on their options also helps them see you as more than just a salesperson. They can fully appreciate all that an agent has to offer and they’re more likely to contact your agency for questions related to their products. 

Add an Extra Service

The reality is that insurance is a very competitive industry. Everyone is out there shopping for the best coverage at the best price. You have many different insurance agencies in one region all offering similar products. By adding seminars to your repertoire, you’re adding an extra service that will make you stand out to clients. It acts like another marketing campaign while also creating value — it shows you have real, genuine things to offer like your time and expertise.

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Build Revenue

Seminars can also help you build revenue. If you host free workshops, they can act as a marketing campaign by separating you from the crowd and adding more potential clients to your audience. Then, your prospects can spread the word, and your business starts to really grow. 

If you offer workshops for a cost, you’re generating revenue per person. Workshops are also relatively low cost for you, so taking advantage of them as revenue builders will help you in the long run.

Learn More About Our Workshops!

At Western Marketing, we have ready-made workshops to help you better connect with your client while also generating revenue. We provide you with a powerpoint presentation, a script, cheat sheets, and training materials. We launch a digital marketing campaign targeted at the right demographic to help fill the workshop. You just need to book a space or arrange a zoom! We’ll take care of the rest. To learn more about our workshops and how they can benefit you, contact Western Marketing today.