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Why Should Agents Take Advantage Of Having A Website?

The global marketplace has shifted to a primarily online exchange of goods and services, but some insurance agents have been reluctant to move their businesses online. This is a mistake, and we will tell you why. Here is why all insurance agents must have a website

The Benefits Of Having a Website 

A website is an online home for your business. Through it, visitors can discover what you have to offer and why they may want to shop with you. You can also use your website to provide information to potential customers, allowing you to position yourself as a voice in your industry. 

As an insurance agent, your website serves as a place where you can direct customers to information that may be helpful to them. This can lead to referrals, more business, and of course, higher revenue. These are some core benefits of having a website:

Boost Your Credibility 

It’s hard to claim credibility in an industry that you don’t have visible experience in. People may see that you’ve been in this business for years, and you may be able to tell them that yourself directly, but neither of those options will convey your expertise as accurately as a website. Websites can be used to provide tons of information to your customers, and as the person providing that information, they will rely on you for help with issues they don’t understand. 

If you are seen as a credible and reliable source of information about insurance products, why wouldn’t people want to shop with you? If you include client reviews and testimonials on your site, that could be even more helpful, as people love seeing evidence that the person they are working with has done good work in the past.

Expand Your Reach

Having a website expands your reach into the online world. You can use social media to direct people to the site, or run advertisements that funnel people onto a sales page. Your options for reaching new customers is almost limitless when you invest in an agent website. Why rely on oldschool methods like print advertising and the like when you can capitalize on the massive online marketplace? With a functional website available, you can set your advertisements to target specific audiences, ensuring that your website gets visited by people who will actually buy your products. While in-person alternatives may still be effective, nothing beats the efficiency at which you can generate leads through a website. 

Supplement Your Direct Mail Efforts

If you are currently using direct mail in a specific area, a website could easily help supplement your marketing process. If people are reading your sales letters, you need to be able to send them somewhere where they can actually find your products. Linking to a website on your direct mail may actually improve lead conversion in the long term, because people who open your mail may visit your site and quickly find the solutions they need. This makes your overall marketing strategy more cost-effective, allowing you to boost revenue. 

Build A Custom Insurance Website 

At Western Marketing, we can build a custom website for you. All you need to do is provide us with some information, then we will create the site. We can integrate quoting tools and other useful systems too, just give us a call to get started. You can reach us at 800-852-7152.